Privacy Protector

KiwiVision Privacy Protector

Privacy without compromising your security

Ensure privacy and anonymity without compromising on your organization's physical security

Safeguarding privacy rights while staying in control of your video management system can feel challenging. KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™ dynamically masks the identity of individuals in live and recorded video. This ensures your security operators only see what they need to see, preventing unnecessary intrusion of individual privacy during monitoring tasks.

Using these built-in privacy masks, your team can enhance security policies and protocols and better comply with evolving privacy regulations. All of this helps you protect the integrity of your original video footage while respecting the privacy rights of your customers, employees, and citizens.

How you benefit from Privacy Protector


  • Anonymize individuals in the camera’s field of view without obscuring actions and movements.

    Multiple video masking options such as pixelization, blurring, or colorization can help ensure that identities remain unrecognizable.

    Dynamic masking blurs all relevant objects or people in motion, allowing your operators to proactively monitor events without compromising anyone’s privacy.

  • Expand your security operations by enabling Privacy Protector on cameras in sensitive locations.

    You can also broaden your visibility by adding cameras to cover all types of angles and locations, while still maintaining complete privacy.

    As you expand your monitoring operations, you can easily standardize settings and user permissions to ensure compliance with company policies and privacy regulations.

  • Enhance your video security standards and ensure only authorized users have access to original, unmasked video streams.

    That original video stream can be fully encrypted on your archiver and only the segments of video that you need are transferred over the network.

    This limits the amount of information that is exposed to potential vulnerabilities, which keeps privacy compliance in check.


  • Enhance security levels using layers of authentication such as smart cards and PINs. With multi-factor authentication, you can strengthen cybersecurity and reinforce the integrity of original video.

  • Customize your privacy masking settings for live and recorded video using privacy zones. This unique configuration allows you to always keep certain areas pixelated, upholding privacy in sensitive locations.
  • Anonymize video with pixels, color, or blur masking options. Program event-to-action mechanisms that send you notifications or trigger alarms when specific events occur.


The Europrise certification
KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™ is EuroPriSe certified.

European Privacy Seal

The KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™ is the only video surveillance product that is certified with the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe).

The European Privacy Seal is awarded to IT-based products that are compatible with European data protection laws and excel in privacy protection.

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